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Coinbase announced its plan to shift a significant portion of its corporate and customer USDC balances to the Base network.

Max Branzburg, Head of Consumer Products at Coinbase, emphasizes that this strategic transition aims to enhance the efficiency and security of managing customer funds.

Coinbase Embraces Blockchain Technology

This pivot towards storing more assets on-chain marks a step forward in digital asset management, establishing a precedent for other companies to follow.

“This enables us to manage and secure customer funds with lower fees and faster settlement times, with no impact to the Coinbase user experience,” Branzburg stated.

Coinbase secures customer digital assets in hosted digital asset wallets, ensuring their safekeeping. Indeed, the company maintains the principle that these assets belong solely to the customer. As a result, the team meticulously designs the infrastructure to secure digital assets, ensuring seamless access to trading and other services.

With real-time internal ledger systems, Coinbase eliminates the risk of commingling customer funds with corporate assets. This practice is commonly seen in traditional banking and what let to the collapse of crypto exchange FTX.

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Crypto investor Ryan Sean Adams views Coinbase’s on-chain migration as a sign of a broader industry shift.

“Eventually all crypto exchanges will move onchain. Then banks. Every asset is a future token. Every bank is a future chain. Ethereum is the world’s settlement layer,” Adams said.

This sentiment captures the potential of blockchain technology in reshaping the financial system. Indeed, Coinbase appears to be leading the charge towards a more decentralized and efficient future.


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