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Getting started in the crypto industry can be challenging, as there are so many processes involved, which can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers. Sometimes, these newcomers don’t know how and when to buy their desired cryptocurrencies. 

Even those who are experienced in using crypto often find it hard to navigate from one exchange to another in search of the best prices for cryptocurrencies. This is precisely the reason behind the creation of FreeBnk, which is to make it easier for novice and seasoned investors to navigate the web2 and web3 industries. 

What Is FreeBnk? 

FreeBnk is a crypto company founded by a group of entrepreneurs with the objective of making the financial industry better. Yunus Emre Ozkaya, who is the chief executive officer, and Arash Lowni, who is the chief design officer, are the two co-founders of this company. 

The company employs advanced and sophisticated technologies to provide all-around crypto services to its customers. They plan on empowering users and simplifying their crypto experience by making it more secure and accessible to all. 

FreeBnk: An Innovative Solution in Web2 and Web3

FreeBnk wants to bridge the difficulties many face while trying to interact simultaneously between traditional finance and the crypto industry/web3. Thus, they aim to become an on-chain financial super app where users can make transactions between the traditional finance sector and the blockchain. 

The company has already launched a couple of innovative and revolutionary services and platforms that serve as a gateway to financial empowerment. They include: 

Defi and Tradfi Fusion: Launch of Crypto2stocks

According to an X announcement on May 11th, 2024, FreeBnk said they are trying to Fuse DeFi and TradFi together with the launch of a new platform named Crypto2Stocks. More details indicate that Crypto2Stocks will help users integrate their crypto assets into the stock market directly. 

This is a huge milestone for FreeBnk, and it also opens an opportunity for investors and traders who want to diversify their portfolios. Once this feature is introduced, traders can easily use crypto assets to purchase their desired stocks in the market. While this solution will reduce transaction time significantly, it will also introduce a high level of flexibility, liquidity, and accessibility to users. 

FreeBnk Alchemist and Realworld: Huge Partnership With RWA Inc

The FreeBnk Alchemist is another solution from this company that allows users to invest in real world assets, tokenize them, and achieve fractional ownership of those assets. Moreover, this platform gives an opportunity to make real estate investments worldwide. Assets that users can tokenize into the blockchain on this platform include gold, real estate, Tesla and Amazon stocks, bonds, and many more. 

Recently, FreeBnk announced a major partnership with RWA Inc. on their medium channel. According to them, this move will help them redefine the asset tokenization sector. 

From their channel: “This partnership is poised to integrate real world assets into FreeBnk’s expansive ecosystem this month, bringing a host of new opportunities and features to its users.”

RWA Inc. is a large corporation committed to building an ecosystem that will help facilitate real world asset investment. Thus, it makes provisions for tokenization, smart contracts, audits, launchpads, and even a marketplace. By partnering with RWA Inc., FreeBnk wants to integrate its capabilities on its platform. 

FreeBnk Crypto 

FreeBnk Crypto is another solution that provides access to trading in over 150 countries using cash, cards, and bank transfers. On this platform, users get access to over 300 DeFi, CeFi aggregators, and liquidity providers, which enables them to buy cryptocurrencies at the best prices. It also offers the flexibility of swapping any crypto to another using their organic Bridge. 

FreeBnk Pay and FreeBnk Transfer 

FreeBnk Pay creates an alternative to card and cash payments by providing access to low-fee payment methods that benefit both merchants and consumers. On the other hand, FreeBnk Transfer is another platform that integrates blockchain technology to ensure fast and cost-effective payments worldwide. 

FreeBnk Token (FRBK) 

The FreeBnk Token (FRBK)  is the native token of this platform, and it has many functions, ranging from governance to facilitating transactions. The maximum supply of FRBK stands at 500 million, and the majority of the token allocation is targeted towards the growth of the community. Moreover, those holding this token can also earn rewards on different platforms by staking it. 

Features That Make FreeBnk Stand Out

Features such as multi-party wallets, AI integrations, insurance offerings, and aggregator protocols are what make this platform stand out from its competitors. Below, we will explain each of these features:

This platform integrates artificial intelligence to ensure users get the best experience while using their services, including AI chatbots. 

A multi-party computation (MPC) wallet is another feature that provides military-grade security for storing without the need for seed phrases. It was built in collaboration with Fireblocks Technology and operates significantly faster and more efficiently than traditional wallets. 

The platform boasts a bespoke aggregator protocol that incorporates more than 300 centralized and decentralized exchanges. Its primary purpose is to provide real-time market information on crypto tokens and help users secure the best exchange price. 

Crypto Loans/FreeBnk Lending 

FreeBnk has a crypto loan and investment feature. Users can borrow crypto using digital and intangible assets as collateral. Furthermore, they can make investments in stablecoins and tokenized real world assets with mouthwatering returns. 

There’s also an insurance offering from FreeBnk using the Crypto Deposit Insurance Scheme (CDIS) for user protection and covering of costs, assuming there’s any institutional collapse or failure.


Closing Thoughts 

FreeBnk is not just a gigantic financial platform. It tries to offer the best onboarding to crypto users by providing all the services they need in one app. They recently ventured into offering real-world asset trading, collaborating with RWA Inc. to bring it to reality. 

But besides this, they also have other platforms, such as Crypto2Stocks, which helps for a seamless trade between DeFi and TradFi assets. Furthermore, it has other platforms such as FreeBNKAlchemist, FreeBNKPay, FreeBNKTrade, and many more. 


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