Binance lists ZKsync (ZK) with distribution program


Binance will list ZKsync (ZK) on Monday, June 17.
The exchange will add ZK/BTC, ZK/USDT, ZK/FDUSD and ZK/TRY spot trading pairs.
Binance has also revealed a ZK distribution program targeted at users who meet set criteria.

Binance plans to list ZKsync (ZK) on Monday, June 17, adding trading pairs for BTC, USDT, FDUSD and the Turkish Lira.

In an announcement early Monday, Binance notified its users that deposit for ZK, the native token of the Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution ZKsync, was now open.

Per the announcement, the exchange will add ZK/BTC, ZK/USDT, ZK/FDUSD and ZK/TRY spot trading pairs on June 17 at 08:00 am UTC. Withdrawals open on June 18 at 08:00 am UTC.

Binance announces ZK distribution program

ZKsync’s airdrop distribution has elicited criticism and concerns from across the crypto community.

Binance says it’s going to distribute ZK tokens to its users that meet certain conditions, including the criteria that “the claim address was not eligible for ZK tokens from the official ZK Nation airdrop program.”

The ZK distribution program aims at benefiting those who may have missed out on the ZK Nation airdrop, a move Binance sees as one way to address community concerns. An estimated 52,500 Binance users are eligible for the 10.5 million ZK airdrop.

“In light of the ongoing concerns from the community around ZK token distribution, Binance is offering 10,500,000 ZK tokens to up to 52,500 Binance users,” the exchange wrote.

Apart from the claim wallet not being already eligible for ZKsync airdrop, Binance says its distribution will require that users must have performed at least 50 ZKsync Era transactions over 14 months – between February 2023 and March 2024.

The transactions should also have occurred within seven different months during the snapshot period. Self-transfers do not count as does contract, CEX or bridge addresses.

Binance plans the first ZK airdrop in its program to begin on June 25, 2024. Token distribution will be on a “first-come, first-served basis,” with only wallets that meet listed criteria eligible.

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